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What is Visma Sign?

Visma Sign is a legally binding online signature service. Instead of signing on paper with pen, you sign with your online banking codes. You can peruse the document before signing, and once all signees have signed, you get a copy of the document automatically.

Visma Sign can be integrated to online forms for immediate signing, or used to send signing invitations via email and text messages. All operations are secure and personal data is kept under control.

Signing is currently possible in Finland, and very shortly in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. More countries to be added soon.

You got an invitation to sign via Visma Sign? It only takes a moment to sign!

1. Get your banking codes ready.
2. Copy or make note of the password you received in the email and / or text message invitation.
3. Follow the link and enter the password.
4. Read the document.
5. Proceed to enter your banking codes.
6. Press Sign. Done!

If you want, you can also download the document as PDF file.

If your organization wants to send invitations and sign documents

Register your organization via the registration form. After the registration is complete, you can add users, folders, access rights etc, or begin sending signing invitations immediately. The user interface is available in several languages including English, and may be switched to most convenient by users.
Once registered, you may also request your API keys from if you want to integrate signing to your own services or applications. API documentation is available at .


(tähän englanniksi kopio Yrityksille ja yhdistyksille -taulukosta sivulta )
NB. Depending on your business locale, it may not be possible to complete the registration online, e.g. if your Business ID is not one directly supported by the automated registration process. If you experience any difficulty, please contact and we will assist you in completing the registration. The service is available globally, but certain additional actions may be needed for some countries or business forms.

If you want partner with Visma for value added reselling or other forms of partnership

Visma Sign partnerships, especially integrations with online services and applications in the countries of availability, are very welcome.
Please contact with a brief description of your idea and your current business. You will be contacted shortly by a partner manager.

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